Connie Fisher

Genus: Principal, Roy-Fisher Associates
Species: Landscape Architect
How to Identify: Commonly seen wearing running shoes or yoga outfit, dirt under fingernails from numerous planting experiments
Flowers: Palmetto leaflet and gallardia sultan hat
Fruit: LEED ap

Master Gardener
USGBC Treasure Coast/Palm Beach Branch Secretary
EDAC Volunteer, Center for Health Design
AIA CEU Class provider: Healthcare Site Design
Florida Horticultural Therapy Association Treasurer

Bill Chambers

Genus: Project Manager, Roy-Fisher Associates
Project Manager, Chambers & Sons Landscaping - Peoria, IL
Species: Landscape Designer
How to Identify: blue jeans and t shirt in garage workshop perfecting various detailed designs

Flowers: Heliconia Leaf Headband, Lobster Claw Heliconia Tie
Fruit: BLA Iowa State University
Many pages of detailed construction documents for residential, streetscape and park projects
Numerous solutions for successful installations

Jennifer Decker

Genus: Production Manager, Roy-Fisher Associates
Species: Emerging Sustainable Guru
How to Identify: Surrounded by publix green bags, spotless habitat, flip flop footwear
Flower: Plumeria Earrings
Fruit: BS in Internation Affairs, Economics and Urban and Regional Planning Minor, FSU

Botanical Garden Charettes
Post Occupancy Evaluations for Healthcare Gardens


Genus: Intern, Roy-Fisher Associates
Species: Landscape Architecture Graduate Student, University of Florida
How to Identify: surrounded by tropical and/or native plants, often seen sipping large Arizona Iced Tea
Flower: Hibiscus barrette
Fruit: BS in Horticulture, Colorado State University

Robert Bias:

Genus: Intern, Roy-Fisher Associates
Landscape Architecture, 4th Year, University of Florida

How to Identify:
Often surrounded by graphic books and sounds of jazz, frequents Publix sub counter
Flower: Ti Plant Tie
Graphic Design and Film Editing
Adjunct Professor of Advanced Photography, Sante Fe Community College